ALAPAC Launches $75K in 75 Days Campaign

ALAPAC Launches $75K in 75 Days Campaign

Earlier this month, ALAPAC kicked off its year-end fundraising campaign and is seeking to raise $75,000 in 75 days. As the official political action committee of Alabama physicians, ALAPAC provides financial and technical support to candidates medicine can work with on the myriad of health care issues affecting our state.

It may not be a normal election year, but that doesn’t mean there are not elections. In fact, there are two special elections for the Alabama House of Representatives going on right now. What’s more is that in one of these special elections, Charlotte Meadows – the wife of a physician and a former practice manager – is on the ballot and has already made the runoff with 44% of the vote!

Consider this: there are only two physicians in the Alabama Legislature, both of whom serve in the State Senate. This means there are zero physicians in the House of Representatives. Yet, the members of these bodies make decisions directly impacting you, your families, and your patients.

This is why electing quality candidates is so vital. With so many interest groups with objectives that are not in line with increasing access to quality care and maintaining a positive practice environment in Alabama, having elected officials who understand and respect physicians’ needs crucial. A contribution to ALAPAC can help elect this kind of candidate.

When like-minded people pool their resources good things can happen. So get involved! Making a contribution has never been easier. Simply text “ALAPAC” to 91999 or donate here.


Disclaimer: Contributions to ALAPAC are not tax-deductible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes. Voluntary political contributions to Alabama Medical PAC (ALAPAC) are not limited to the suggested amount. The Medical Association will not favor or disadvantage anyone based upon the amount or failure to contribute. A portion of the contributions may be used in connection with Federal elections. Corporate funds will be used in either state elections or for education purposes. Federal contributions are subject to the limitations of FEC Regulations 110.1, .2, and .5.

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