Why I Give: Dr. John Meigs

Why I Give: Dr. John Meigs

As president of the Medical Association, I want to thank you for your membership in our organization. While membership is essential to our success, so too is advocacy. Past President Dr. Underwood recently said, “It’s amazing how politics can determine the direction of medicine.” He’s exactly right.

Yet, instead of waiting until politicians are about to make a decision impacting you and your patients, physicians should be involved long before those decisions arise. Be proactive, not reactive. Choosing not to participate in the political process – when it’s known the decisions of lawmakers directly affect medicine – is akin to getting sued, consciously sitting out of jury selection and letting the plaintiff’s lawyer pick the jury.

I know you’re busy; I know how valuable your time is. But there’s other ways you can participate besides making a phone call or sending an email – you can give to ALAPAC. Membership dollars cannot be used for elections purposes, and so separate political action committees must be established to help elect candidates physicians can work with on health care important issues.

For me, giving to ALAPAC ensures that my voice, and the voice of all Alabama physicians, is heard. I truly believe it is incumbent upon physicians to join the organizations fighting for them, to get to know their elected officials and to contribute to PACs supporting the objectives of such organizations.

Right now, ALAPAC is in the midst of its year-end fundraising campaign and trying to raise $75,000 in 75 days. When it comes to contributions, even a small donation can have a big impact. So, I challenge all of you – those who have already contributed and those who have not – to give to ALAPAC to increase medicine’s voice.

Simply text ALAPAC to 91999 or donate here.

With thanks,

John S. Meigs, M.D.
Medical Association of the State of Alabama


Disclaimer: Contributions to ALAPAC are not tax-deductible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes. Voluntary political contributions to Alabama Medical PAC (ALAPAC) are not limited to the suggested amount. The Medical Association will not favor or disadvantage anyone based upon the amount or failure to contribute. A portion of the contributions may be used in connection with Federal elections. Corporate funds will be used in either state elections or for education purposes. Federal contributions are subject to the limitations of FEC Regulations 110.1, .2, and .5.

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