Why I Give: Amanda Williams, M.D.

Why I Give: Amanda Williams, M.D.

I’m Amanda Williams, a psychiatrist in Montgomery and Vice President of the Medical Association, and I witnessed first-hand just how many pieces of legislation directly impact Alabama physicians.

For example, when I traveled to the State House this year, I was able to provide input on a bill that altered the involuntary commitment process and would have created new avenues of liability for those of us who specifically deal with mental health issues or work in emergency rooms.

Thankfully, the team at the Medical Association was there to fight back against plaintiffs attorneys and ensure we obtained the proper liability protection to allow us to continue caring for our patients without worrying about lawsuits. But defending physicians from these attacks does not come easy, and money is needed to help elect candidates who we can work with on these issues.

The practice of medicine in Alabama is changing. It’s up to us to be a part of that change. I give to ALAPAC to support the Medical Association in their battle to protect our profession and our patients.

I ask that you join me and do the same.


Contributions to ALAPAC are not tax-deductible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes. Voluntary political contributions to Alabama Medical PAC (ALAPAC) are not limited to the suggested amount. The Medical Association will not favor or disadvantage anyone based upon the amount or failure to contribute. A portion of the contributions may be used in connection with Federal elections. Corporate funds will be used in either state elections or for education purposes. Federal contributions are subject to the limitations of FEC Regulations 110.1, .2, and .5.

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