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RODEO (Real Old Doctors Eating Out) Night at the Bluegill

RODEO (Real Old Doctors Eating Out) Night at the Bluegill

Physicians enjoy each other’s company. Ever since the first day of medical school, physicians have had a shared experience that cannot be equaled in other walks of life. In training, physicians study together and eventually will share call duties during house staff years. Then either in practice or academics develop a bond and camaraderie based on the challenges of the practice of medicine and serving their patients.

In retirement years physicians seek each other’s company in a number of ways including social events, medical associations, and educational forums.

In Birmingham, there are a number of senior physician groups that meet on a regular basis. One such group is referred to as RODEO (real old doctors eating out). For two years, this group has met at the Fish Market in Hoover for lunch once a month. There is no speaker or program for this lunch event, it is just a way for doctors who practiced together for years to stay in touch. I’m told that 15 or more people generally show up for each monthly event.

The Jefferson County Medical Society hosts an event for senior physicians in the Birmingham area the third Tuesday of every month nine months out of the year. This is held at the Jefferson County Medical Society building and is directed by Dr. Pink Folmar. This is generally both a social and educational experience and the speaker will deliver a lecture from 8:30 until 9:30 AM.

Another organization is the New Horizons where medical topics are discussed by senior physicians. Dr. Dick Esham has a similar organization in Mobile, Alabama for senior physicians.

I would like to hear from members of the Medical Association of the State of Alabama about any other groups of physicians that meet on a regular basis throughout the state. It would be worth considering educational programs at your local medical society for senior physicians or other events such as social events that would group these physicians together to enjoy each other’s company.

Please let me know as these groups develop and I will publicize them through the Medical Association of the State of Alabama.

***Pictured in the above photo from left to right

First Row: Bill Jeansonne, Izzy Pike, Floyd Fraser, Joe Fontenot, Frank Long, Green Megginson, Bill Mosley, C. B. Smith, Mike Huddle

Second Row: Conrad Pierce, Dick Esham, John B. Howell, Knut Mueller, Marc Gottlieb, Allen Oakes, Bill Lightfoot, Phillip Butera, David Warren, Dan Reimer

Attendees Not Shown: Bert Park, Ken Brewington, Glenn Gallaspy, Lloyd Gardner, Henry Koch

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