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ProAssurance and Sure Med Compliance Join to Fight Opioid Crisis

ProAssurance and Sure Med Compliance Join to Fight Opioid Crisis

BIRMINGHAM ─ ProAssurance Corporation has announced an exclusive affiliation with Sure Med Compliance® (SMC) to promote the use of SMC’s Care Continuity Program® (CCP) in an effort to help combat the opioid epidemic in the United States.

ProAssurance-insured physicians will be eligible for discounted access to Sure Med’s Care Continuity Program

The CCP helps physicians and other health care providers develop and maintain responsible prescribing practices for opioids and other scheduled medications by equipping them with tools to verify patients suitable for opioid therapy, identify with significant risk factors, and closely monitor the effects of treatment over time.

“As an industry leader, we are acutely aware of the devastating effects of the opioid epidemic in this country. We are concerned about the epidemic’s professional liability implications for physicians and other healthcare providers, as well as its broader effects on the healthcare system in general. We are proud to affiliate with Sure Med Compliance to offer our insureds exclusive discounted access to this cutting-edge approach to patient safety and effective treatment, ” said Howard H. Friedman, president of ProAssurance’s Healthcare Professional Liability Group.

John Bowman, Sure Med Compliance’s Chief Executive Officer, emphasized the importance of the newly formed affiliation.

“Our Care Continuity Program provides a proven path toward optimal outcomes for patients whose treatment requires the use of opioids and other potentially addictive drugs,” Bowman said. “In turn, CCP helps physicians avoid potential liability issues, which has always been a focus of ProAssurance and why we are so excited about this affiliation. We are confident their national footprint will help Sure Med Compliance reach more physicians and assist more patients than ever before.”

Through this affiliation, ProAssurance insureds who meet certain eligibility requirements will have access to an exclusive 30-day free trial of the CCP. ProAssurance insureds who elect to continue using the Care Continuity Program will receive exclusive discounted rates. ProAssurance insureds may contact Sure Med Compliance to determine eligibility and initiate a 30-day free trial by visiting or calling (866) 517-2771.

“As a practicing pain management specialist, I have experienced firsthand the challenges physicians face in deciding to prescribe controlled substances. Using the Sure Med Compliance CCP in my practice has helped me ensure proper documentation and address potential issues before they occur,” said Sure Med Compliance’s Medical Director David Herrick, M.D., of Montgomery. Dr. Herrick is a past president of the Medical Association of the State of Alabama and a former member of the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners.

ProAssurance’s Chief Medical Officer Hayes V. Whiteside, M.D., encouraged physicians with ProAssurance to learn more about the CCP.

“Our commitment to provide our insureds with exclusive discounted access to the Sure Med Compliance CCP underscores ProAssurance’s commitment to ensure physicians and other health care providers are equipped with the risk management tools and services necessary to deal with the ever-changing realities of their chosen profession,” Dr. Whiteside said. “All ProAssurance insureds who regularly prescribe opioids, especially those who prescribe for chronic pain, are encouraged to engage Sure Med Compliance to learn more about how their Care Continuity Program can help them develop and maintain safe and responsible prescribing practices, which should lead to better outcomes for their patients.”

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ProAssurance Establishes the Nation’s First Academic Research Program Dedicated to Physician Wellness

ProAssurance Establishes the Nation’s First Academic Research Program Dedicated to Physician Wellness

BIRMINGHAM – ProAssurance Corporation has announced the establishment of the ProAssurance Endowed Chair for Physician Wellness at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. This academic chair is the first of its kind in the United States and demonstrates ProAssurance’s commitment to its role as a leading advocate for America’s physicians.

The initial $1.5 million gift to the UAB School of Medicine will endow an academic chair and also will support a research team dedicated to addressing health issues unique to physicians as they deal with the stress and pressures associated with providing care to their patients in today’s rapidly evolving health care environment.

As he announced the gift, ProAssurance Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Stan Starnes underscored the importance of the research that will emerge.

“Physicians have always been subject to the high levels of stress from a variety of factors such as society’s expectations for successful outcomes, the threat of litigation and the effect of their professional obligations on the quality of their lives, and their families’ lives. As medicine evolves to address the changing dynamics of health care in America, we must find ways to address these pressures,” Starnes said.

“UAB leadership is committed at the highest level to provide our physicians, residents, fellows and trainees the same type of world-class care they provide for the citizens of Alabama and beyond every day,” said UAB President Ray L. Watts. “This generous investment by ProAssurance to fund a first-of-its-kind academic chair will enable us to recruit an expert in the field of physician wellness who can implement well-designed interventions that enhance our sustainable culture of wellness and provide trainees with tools and resources to manage stress and burnout. The result will be more engaged physicians who can provide the highest-quality care to their patients.”

ProAssurance also expects to provide an additional gift of $500,000 to fund various initiatives in support of physician wellness. The company’s Chief Medical Officer, Hayes V. Whiteside, M.D., said such programs are a logical extension of ProAssurance’s role as a trusted partner with physicians and the nation’s health care community.

“Assisting physicians has always been a high priority for ProAssurance. Now more than ever, we need to ensure that today’s physicians maintain their commitment to our high calling, and that future physicians are equipped to deal with the realities of their vital chosen profession,” Dr. Whiteside said.

“We are fortunate to have some of the best physicians in America right here in Birmingham as part of our School of Medicine, and it is important that we consistently work to provide them an environment that promotes wellness opportunities to help them flourish in their field,” said Selwyn Vickers, M.D., Senior Vice President of Medicine and Dean of UAB’s School of Medicine. “Doctors who take care of themselves are better role models for their patients and for their children, have higher patient satisfaction and safety scores, experience less stress and burnout, and live longer. We are grateful to ProAssurance for their gift, which will greatly enhance our training programs and enable them to create a sustainable culture of wellness.”

In addition to the funds being committed to addressing physician wellness, ProAssurance plans to make an additional financial gift to the UAB School of Nursing to enhance the future of nursing care in Alabama. “Nurses are a crucial part of the care delivery team in our state, and their role will become increasingly important as our healthcare delivery systems expand to meet the demands that will come with the exponential growth of an aging population,” said Starnes.

“Nursing is one of the most versatile — and vital — occupations in the health care workforce, and we strive to train innovative leaders who will transform health care,” said Doreen Harper, Ph.D., Dean and Fay B. Ireland Endowed Chair in UAB’s School of Nursing. “The ever-evolving landscape of health care and the changing profile of the population demand a fundamental shift in the health care system to provide patient-centered care. More nurses will be needed to deliver primary care and community care, ensure seamless care, foster interprofessional collaboration and enable all health professionals to practice to the full extent of their education, training and competencies. This shift will result in reduced errors, increased safety and the highest-quality care for patients. We are delighted and appreciative that ProAssurance is providing this support to help us shape patient-centered health care by preparing recognized nurse leaders who excel as clinicians, researchers and educators in Alabama, nationally and internationally.”

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What is the ProAssurance Legal Defense Endorsement?

What is the ProAssurance Legal Defense Endorsement?

As a ProAssurance insured, did you know that in addition to medical professional liability coverage your ProAssurance insurance policy also has embedded legal expense coverage for a variety of regulatory risk exposures, certain types of disciplinary proceedings, and other types of covered investigations? It’s called the Legal Defense Endorsement, and it is an automatic part of your policy at no additional cost to you. Generally speaking – and subject to applicable deductibles, policy period aggregates, and other terms and conditions – the Legal Defense Endorsement provides up to $25,000 of legal expense coverage on a per claim basis for a laundry list of “covered investigations” specifically listed in the endorsement.*

Many of the covered investigations are of the regulatory risk variety – like HIPAA, EMTALA, the federal Anti-Kickback and False Claims Act statutes, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and others. In the event of an investigation or proceeding commenced against you by a governmental or regulatory agency charged with the enforcement of compliance with those laws and regulations, call ProAssurance because your Legal Defense Endorsement could provide up to $25,000 of legal expense coverage to help you navigate the investigative process.

Several other covered investigations relate specifically to Medicare and Medicaid. Again, in the event of an investigation or proceeding commenced against you by any federal or state agency charged with the enforcement of compliance with certain laws regulating Medicare or Medicaid and the rules and regulations related to billing and reimbursement for medical services under those programs, your Legal Defense Endorsement could provide up to $25,000 of coverage for legal expenses you incur as a result of such investigations.

Some of the remaining covered investigations include disciplinary proceedings commenced by the state’s medical licensure commission investigating alleged unprofessional conduct that could result in action being taken against your license to practice medicine. Disciplinary proceedings commenced by a hospital or its medical staff for the purpose of suspending, modifying, restricting, revoking, non-renewing, or terminating your staff privileges are also covered investigations under your Legal Defense Endorsement. Many an unwitting physician has tried to represent him or herself in these types of proceedings, only to later regret not enlisting the assistance of legal counsel.

There are additional covered investigations in the Legal Defense Endorsement not mentioned in this article. If you want to read your Legal Defense Endorsement look for the form titled “Professional Legal Defense Coverage Part” in your current ProAssurance policy. The endorsement itself is about two-and-a-half pages. You can always access your policy documents online through the ProAssurance secure customer portal at

Knowing and understanding how the coverage in your Legal Defense Endorsement works can help you to avoid spending money out of your own pocket on legal expenses that could be covered by the endorsement. More importantly, taking advantage of the coverage in your Legal Defense Endorsement can help you to avoid digging yourself into a deeper hole by attempting to handle a covered investigation on your own without the assistance of legal counsel.

For more information about your Legal Defense Endorsement or if you have questions about the coverage in the endorsement, contact your ProAssurance representative for assistance.

*Please note that legal counsel must be either appointed directly by ProAssurance or if selected by the insured, appointed by ProAssurance with prior written approval before their legal expenses can be covered under the Legal Defense Endorsement.

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