Medical Association Unveils ‘Your Care is at Our Core,’ Emphasizing Personal Connection in Health Care

Medical Association Unveils ‘Your Care is at Our Core,’ Emphasizing Personal Connection in Health Care

83% of Alabamians Agree: Doctor-Patient Relationship is ‘Central’ to Health

A strong bond between doctors and patients leads to better health care, say Alabama doctors. A new awareness campaign launched by the Medical Association of the State of Alabama called “Your Care is at Our Core” reinforces this important message.

A doctor-patient relationship based on mutual trust allows doctors to help patients navigate what can be complex health challenges. It is a responsibility doctors say they don’t take lightly.

“From the moment that you begin training to become a doctor, it’s made very clear and apparent to you that people are going to place their trust in you. They’re placing their lives in your hands so you have to take that very seriously,” said Dr. Hernando Carter, a doctor of internal medicine in Birmingham. “It has to be the most important thing to you.”

Building Trust
Trust is essential because patients are more inclined to share crucial information about their health concerns and personal circumstances when they feel a genuine connection with their doctor.

This honest exchange of information enables doctors to make informed decisions, tailor treatment plans and provide care that aligns with each patient’s unique needs and preferences.

A Collaborative Approach to Wellness
Moreover, a strong doctor-patient relationship fosters a supportive environment where patients feel empowered and engaged in their healthcare journey. When patients feel heard and valued, they are more likely to adhere to treatment regimens, follow medical advice and actively participate in the shared decision-making process.

“I tell my patients all the time that I can’t make you well on my own. It’s a team effort, something that we have to work together on and I think that resonates well with patients,” said Dr. Brittney Anderson, a family physician in Demopolis.

‘Be a Good Listener’

Physicians recognize that effective communication and empathy are vital in fostering positive patient outcomes. By building rapport and understanding their patients’ concerns, doctors deliver patient-centered care and uphold the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship as a cornerstone of healthcare excellence.

“One of the most important things when I train medical students and residents is I teach them to sit down with the patient,” said Dr. William Admire, a doctor of internal medicine in Mobile. “The most important thing about being a doctor is to be a good listener, show respect, show empathy, compassion.”

Statewide Consensus
According to a statewide survey conducted in March on behalf of the Medical Association, 83 percent of Alabamians agree “the doctor-patient relationship is central to health care.” The poll also showed that 83 percent agree with the statement: “It is crucial for physicians to be involved in my care so that I have the best outcomes.”

To watch a video of Alabama physicians discussing why they view the doctor-patient
relationship as sacred, click here.

To view the “Your Care is at Our Core” video message, click here.

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