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Meet Our New Officers

Meet Our New Officers

Aruna Arora, M.D.

Dr. Arora originally planned to follow her father into medicine as a pediatrician after watching him treat his patients and seeing his dedication to the children and their families. She, too, wanted to make a difference in the daily lives of people. But, when she was in medical school, her fascination with the brain and cognitive development changed her mind and her specialty to neurology.

“While taking care of patients with ALS can be challenging at times, there is nothing quite like helping a patient and family understand their own humanity. Helping someone whose life has been dramatically altered appealed to my original goal of helping people in their daily lives. I still remember the first time I performed an EMG on a patient with an initial complaint of a poor golf swing and diagnosed him with ALS. His journey over the next few years to death was humbling,” Dr. Arora said.

This year, Dr. Arora steps into the role of President-Elect on the Association’s Board of Censors with renewed vigor to make a difference for her colleagues in Madison County and beyond. Her desire to give back to her community is a guiding light for her every day.

“Understanding access to care issues or specific health care needs of certain populations can help with the care of individual patients. My membership and interest in the Medical Association is focused on figuring out how we can take a group of like-minded people and develop a coherent strategy that can potentially impact the health care of all Alabamians,” she said.


Amanda J. Williams, M.D.
Vice President

Dr. Williams is originally from Tallahassee, Fla. She received her medical doctorate from the University of South Florida and trained at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, one of the largest and most reputable psychiatry residency programs in the country. There she was the chief resident of inpatient services and completed a one-year fellowship in Community Mental Health. She is now an esteemed board-certified psychiatrist in Montgomery, Ala.

She primarily treats adults with disorders of mood, anxiety, psychosis and personality, along with those struggling with addiction, past trauma, intellectual disabilities, and memory difficulties. She is a strong advocate for individuals suffering from mental illness and absolutely loves helping individuals find genuine wellness.

This is Dr. Williams’ second term on the board, and she is looking forward to lending her experience as a physician to her role as vice president.

“I’m honored and excited to have this opportunity within the Medical Association,” she said. “The practice of medicine faces many challenges right now, and I’m eager to take part in creating solutions in Alabama.”

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