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Alabama Physicians Attend AMA Meeting in Chicago to Discuss State of Health Care

Alabama Physicians Attend AMA Meeting in Chicago to Discuss State of Health Care

Pictured from left in the back are Dr. Buddy Smith Jr., Dr. Jefferson Underwood and Dr. Jerry Harrison. In front from left are Dr. Steven Furr, Medical Student Delegate Hannah Ficarino from the University of South Alabama, Dr. Jorge Alsip and Dr. John Meigs.

During the AMA’s Annual Meeting held June 8-13, 2018, the House of Delegates debated a wide range of issues and adopted policies to expedite the free exchange of key patient data between EHR systems; to make e-prescribing of controlled substances and access to state PDMPs less cumbersome, and to reduce the MIPS reporting burden. The AMA also reaffirmed its strong opposition to the legalization of physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia.

Medical Association President Jefferson Underwood, M.D., joined the delegation in Chicago and represented Alabama physicians at the inauguration of the AMA’s new president, Barbara McAneny, M.D.

“The AMA House of Delegates is much like Congress in that the views of its members vary from region to region, and few members agree with every decision made by the organization. However, a state’s representation in the HOD is based on their number of AMA members, and Alabama along with the other Southeastern states are working vigorously to increase their AMA membership. I encourage our Medical Association members to also join the AMA, so we can have a greater impact on policy and help elect officers who share our views and values.” said Jorge Alsip, M.D., who chairs Alabama’s AMA Delegation.

Pictured are Association President Underwood and his wife, Sara.

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