Physician Groups Issue Joint Statement on 2016 Special Session Announcement

Physician Groups Issue Joint Statement on 2016 Special Session Announcement

July 27, 2016 | MONTGOMERY – Our organizations applaud the Governor and are encouraged that he has taken the first step toward fully funding Alabama Medicaid by announcing his intention to call a special session.

As for his proposal for a lottery, we support the passage of new revenue that will provide for a long-term fix for Medicaid. As with any legislation, we will need to see the details of what he is proposing to ensure that it does in fact fully fund Medicaid’s needs for the long term before we can take a formal position.

In addition to the need for long-term funding, there is also a critical need to fix the $85 million shortfall in the 2017 budget, which the lottery will not do because of the time necessary for implementation. Consequently, it is important that the Governor and lawmakers find both a solution for 2017 and a long-term a revenue stream for Alabama Medicaid. We are concerned that the Governor did not address a short-term funding solution in his announcement today.

Alabama Medicaid is the backbone of our state, supporting the health and welfare of the young and elderly citizens that physicians have pledged to protect during their medical careers. Consequently, we cannot support any solution other than fully funding a program that touches so many lives. Allowing Alabama Medicaid to continue with adequate funding is a smart investment in Alabama and her citizens.

Physician practices, hospitals and nursing homes are among the economic engines driving many Alabama communities. Closure of these health care providers will have a devastating impact on the state of Alabama and the health and prosperity of its citizens. The ripple effect will be felt from Mobile to Huntsville.

Our organizations strongly believe that Medicaid matters … to all Alabamians.

For more information or comment, please contact:

Mark Jackson, Medical Association of the State of Alabama, (334) 954-2500
Linda Lee, Alabama Chapter-American Academy of Pediatrics, (334) 954-2543
Jeff Arrington, Alabama Academy of Family Physicians, (334) 954-2570

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