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Due to the expansive number of COVID-19 testing centers Alabama now has, we have decided to create a standalone webpage for this information. Please click the icon to at the top of this alert to visit.

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Current Coronavirus News and Information

Alabama coronavirus cases continue upward trend

The Alabama Department of Public Health on Monday reported that an additional 1,718 Alabamians were diagnosed with the coronavirus. This breaks the record just set on Thursday of 1,129 cases, but the large increase on Monday was largely due to a data reporting delay that caused cases from Saturday and Sunday to be reported on Monday. Charts, graphs, and maps of just how widespread the coronavirus is becoming can be viewed at this link.

Explainer: how is the vaccine pipeline for Covid-19 looking?

The World Health Organization posts a notice board of vaccine candidates each week. As of 29 June, 16 vaccine candidates are in clinical trials. An impressive 129 candidate are in preclinical evaluation. A number of vaccine producers say they are aiming for an autumn rollout. Some scientists guesstimate that vaccines could be more widely available in early 2021 in Europe and North America. The challenge of manufacturing billions of doses of vaccines, especially in the case of newer platforms, should not be underestimated. But who’s in the lead? How is each one different? Click here to know more. 

An enduring coronavirus mystery: Why do only some get sick?

Months into a pandemic that has caused more than 500,000 deaths worldwide, scientists are still trying to answer crucial questions about the coronavirus. Chief among them: everything about asymptomatic patients. Now, scientists say that without a better understanding of how many people have been asymptomatically infected, it’s difficult to know precisely how they contribute to the spread of the virus and whether they have developed antibodies or other protections that would confer some type of immunity against reinfection. NBC News has a breakdown of current hypotheses and what it might mean.

Genes May Leave Some People More Vulnerable to Severe Covid-19

Why do some people infected with the coronavirus suffer only mild symptoms, while others become deathly ill? Geneticists have been scouring our DNA for clues. Now, a study by European scientists is the first to document a strong statistical link between genetic variations and Covid-19, the illness caused by the coronavirus. Variations at two spots in the human genome are associated with an increased risk of respiratory failure in patients with Covid-19, the researchers found. One of these spots includes the gene that determines blood types. Having Type A blood was linked to a 50 percent increase in the likelihood that a patient would need to get oxygen or to go on a ventilator, according to the new study. The New York Times has a summary here.

Coronavirus breakthrough: dexamethasone is first drug shown to save lives​

An inexpensive and commonly used steroid can save the lives of people seriously ill with COVID-19, a randomized, controlled clinical trial in the United Kingdom has found. The drug, called dexamethasone, is the first shown to reduce deaths from the coronavirus that has killed more than 430,000 people globally. In the trial, it cut deaths by about one-third in patients who were on ventilators because of coronavirus infection. Nature has more info here. 

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