Medjet Assist



With MedjetAssist, you travel prepared.

The safer you feel, the more you can focus on the moment. Especially when you travel. MedjetAssist empowers our members to feel safer and more prepared for travel’s many possibilities.

MedjetAssist is the premiere traveler protection membership program. MedjetAssist’s comprehensive membership options offer travel security, crisis response, and air medical transfer protection. When the unexpected happens, MedjetAssist is the name you want on your side: The most experienced name on the map.

MedjetAssist picks up where other services drop off. Like most of our members, you already have safety nets in place, such as travel insurance, health insurance or platinum cards. A MedjetAssist membership picks up where these drop off, helping you avoid costly fees and frustrating fine-print restrictions on air medical transport or crisis response protection. Before you travel domestically or internationally, enroll in a MedjetAssist membership for the greatest possible control of your health and safety.


  • Medjet, Air Medical: $235 Individual and $320 Family
  • MedjetHorizon, Medical, Security and Crisis Response: $364 Individual and $514 Family

MedjetAssist is a Medical Association of the State of Alabama Preferred Partner.

Learn more and enroll prior to travel | 800.527.7478 and mention MASA.