Alabama Legislation to Watch

Alabama Legislation to Watch

Regulation of Microblading Facilities – HB26

Self-Administration of Epinephrine by Student (Kyle Grady Act) – HB32 & SB15

Removal of “Two-Line” Language and Restrictions on Dispensing of Generic Drug – HB33 & SB39

Controlled Substance Distribution Criminal Law Amendment – HB47 & HB76

Expanding Scope of Practice for Physical Therapists Direct Access – HB50 & SB25

Electronic Prescription Generic Specification Requirement – HB69 & HB84

Additional Regulations for Distributing Controlled Substances – HB76

Requiring Human Trafficking Training for Health Care Employees – HB260 & HB269

Controlled Substance Causes Death of Another (Elrod Act) – SB32

Opioid Risk Education by Physicians and Others – SB48

Medical Laboratories Suspected Disease Submission – SB59

Pharmacy Benefit Managers Prescription Information Disclosure – SB73

Requiring Electronic Prescriptions to Specify Dispensing of Generic Drug – SB88

Expanding Scope of Practice for Optometrists – SB114

Truth in Advertising (Patient’s Right to Know) – SB151

Expanding Scope of Practice for Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists – SB156

Mandatory Licensure for All Imaging Personnel – SB165