Previous Advocacy Initiatives

About the Program

What began nearly forty (40!) years ago, we re-launched our “Doctor of the Day” program during the 2018 Legislative Session and it was an immediate success! While in Montgomery, our participants get a first-hand look at the legislative process by attending committee meetings, engaging with legislators, and providing a unique perspective on medical topics to various stakeholders. We are extremely thankful for the dedicated volunteer work of our physicians who took time away from their practices and families to come to the Alabama State House and advocate for medicine to legislators.

2019 Doctor of the Day Advocates:

Dr. Robert Shedden, D.O. – Pain Management

Dr. Sara Gould, M.D. – Sports Medicine

2018 Doctor of the Day Advocates:

Chad Williamson, M.D. – Family Medicine

Julia Ellison, D.O. – Family Medicine

Jerry Szaflarski, M.D. – Neurology

Lamar Thomas, M.D. – Orthopaedic Surgeon

Sarah Nafziger, M.D. – Emergency Medicine

Kenneth Varley, M.D. – Pain Management

Arden Aylor, M.D. – Family Medicine

Marsha Raulerson, M.D. – Pediatrics