Cover Alabama: Medicaid Expansion in Alabama


The Cover Alabama Coalition is a nonpartisan alliance of more than 100 advocacy groups, businesses, community organizations, consumer groups, health care providers and religious congregations advocating for the state of Alabama to provide quality, affordable health coverage to its residents and implement a sustainable health care system.

About Cover Alabama

The organizations that make up the Cover Alabama Coalition are committed to ensuring that Alabama closes the coverage gap in a way that meets the needs of the thousands of Alabamians who would become eligible for Medicaid expansion coverage, while protecting the state’s 1 million current Medicaid members.

Why Medicaid Matters

More than 60 percent of Alabamians support Medicaid expansion, according to a recent poll conducted by Cover Alabama. Right now, more than 220,000 residents are caught in the state’s health “coverage gap.” They earn too much to qualify for Medicaid and too little to afford private insurance.

Take Action

Now more than ever before, we have the chance to ensure that no Alabamian has to choose between going to the doctor and putting food on the table.

Advocacy Toolkit

Resources in this toolkit have been compiled to support statewide efforts to expand Medicaid in Alabama and to democratize action of our supporters.

Social Graphics

When you share your story, you help to put a human face on the health care policy issues. Try using one of our graphics on social media to boost your story.


“Governor Ivey has done an amazing job leading our state during this pandemic. However, the COVid-19 pandemic has shined a light on the vast health inequities in Alabama. We have the ability to correct this. But we, as physicians, cannot do it alone. Our patients – the citizens of Alabama – need better access to care and affordable coverage.”


– Aruna Arora, M.D., MPH, Incoming President of the Medical Association


The Cover Alabama Coalition is seeking support for Medicaid expansion from current or retired medical professionals in Alabama. If you share our goal to expand access to health care in Alabama, please complete this form to sign on to a letter of support to Governor Ivey and the Alabama Legislature.