What is ALAPAC? 

ALAPAC is the Alabama Medical Political Action Committee.  It is a nonpartisan voluntary committee of Alabama physicians who contribute funds to aid in the election of candidates for state office. Through ALAPAC, financial and technical support is provided to those candidates who best represent the professional needs and concepts of physicians and their families.

The Alabama Legislature is made up of 105 Representatives and 35 Senators. In addition, the State also sends two Senators and seven Representatives to the United States Congress. Every day these 149 officials make key decisions which affect your patients, your practice, and your family. It is through ALAPAC and its political action that the views and interests of medicine are represented regarding such decisions.

How is ALAPAC organized?

ALAPAC is governed by a 17 member Board of Directors. Two physicians from each of the seven Congressional Districts serve on the board as do three physicians who are at-large members.

Who decides where funds go?

Views and suggestions are absolutely essential to ALAPAC’s success. Without such input, it would be impossible for the Board of Directors to know and judge the political philosophy of each candidate.

There are a couple of basic rules by which all ALAPAC decisions are governed:

    1. 1.  ALAPAC is nonpartisan. This means it does not support candidates based solely on his or her party affiliation.
    1. 2.  Support of a viable candidate is based on his/her past voting record and willingness to listen to the view of medicine.

Using the above criteria and information from Medical Association staff, Legislative leaders, campaign consultants and professional pollsters, ALAPAC’s Board decides which candidates will receive its support and to what degree.

Be a part of the solution! Join ALAPAC today.

ALAPAC Membership Fees

Physician memberships:
Capitol Club  $500
Active  $250
Retired  $100
Residents/Students  $ 25


“The person who says that he is above politics is really saying that Democracy is beneath him.”



Disclaimer: Contributions to ALAPAC are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes. Voluntary political contributions to Alabama Medical PAC (ALAPAC) are not limited to the suggested amount. The Medical Association will not favor or disadvantage anyone based upon the amount or failure to contribute. A portion of the contributions may be used in connection with Federal elections. Corporate funds will be used in either state elections or for education purposes. Federal contributions are subject to the limitations of FEC Regulations 110.1, .2, and .5.