2nd Annual President’s Council Meeting Joined by Legislative Leadership

2nd Annual President’s Council Meeting Joined by Legislative Leadership

Nearly two weeks ago (October 17), the Medical Association hosted its 2nd Annual President’s Council Legislative Roundtable to discuss priorities for the upcoming 2021 Session. This year’s event included a Q&A session with legislative leadership, an open forum with physicians and executive directors from each medical specialty, and an update on major developments with ALAPAC.


Although the pandemic forced the event to take place virtually, this year’s Legislative Roundtable was once again a resounding success. We are especially grateful to those physicians who took time out of their Saturday morning to join us via Zoom and provide insight as to those issues most impacting their specialty.


To that end, we are proud to announce that, as a direct result of the input and discussion from the Roundtable, the Medical Association has finalized its 2021 Legislative Agenda. These priorities were developed by members of the President’s Council on October 17, presented to physicians on the Government Relations Committee of the Medical Association on October 20, and approved by the entire Board of Censors on October 21. 


To those Medical Association members who are interested in learning more about the President’s Council and our legislative priorities, we have included a few different items below to keep you up-to-date. Not only are we publishing a link to our 2021 Agenda, we have also put the Roundtable’s Legislative Q&A is on YouTube.


Lastly, the names of those physicians who are representing their specialty on the President’s Council is published below. We are thankful to have such an awesome group of individuals who are willing to be leaders in medicine and we hope you will join them in advocating on behalf of physicians and patients in 2021.

Watch the Legislative Panel Q&A

2021 President's Council Members

Dr. Allen Meadows
Dr. John Tole
Dr. Suzanne Blaylock
Dr. Bill Curry
Dr. Jo Herzog
Dr. Bryan Balentine
Dr. Hamad Husainy
Dr. Annalise Sorrentino
Dr. Ray Stewart
Dr. Travis Rutland
Dr. Amit Arora
Dr. Bob Robinson

Dr. David Ellington
Dr. Janeen Arbuckle
Dr. Russell Read
Dr. Trey Baird
Dr. Clinton Martin
Dr. Dan Dahl
Dr. Doug Sutherland
Dr. David McLain
Dr. Mark Parker
Dr. Michael Bivins
Dr. Richard Jones

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