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Proposed Importation of
Prescription Drugs from Canada

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Medical Association Convenes
“Treatment Hurdles” Work Group

Medical Cannabis Passes Senate Committee

Last Wednesday, the Alabama Senate has advanced a bill allowing medical marijuana to be recommended for up to 15 conditions. Last Wednesday, the Alabama Senate Judiciary Committee advanced a bill allowing cannabis to be recommended for up to 15 conditions for medicinal purposes. SB165, informally named the Compassion Act and sponsored by Sen. Tim Melson, […]

Senate Committee Approves Collaborative Practice Ratio Increase

Last Wednesday, the Senate Health Committee approved an amended version of legislation dealing with the ratio of physicians to nurse practitioners in a collaborative practice. Originally, the bill would have allowed physician collaboration with an “unlimited” number of full-time equivalent nurse practitioners or nurse-midwives. However, after significant input from the Medical Association, the legislation deletes “unlimited” […]

Appropriate Use Criteria for Advanced Diagnostic Imaging

Contributed by: Gregg Everett, Gilpin Givhan The Protecting Access to Medicare Act (PAMA) was passed in 2014.  PAMA required the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to establish a program that promotes “Appropriate Use Criteria” (AUC) for advanced diagnostic imaging. AUC’s are evidence-based criteria that assist professionals who order and furnish certain imaging services […]

Striking Your Best Deal: Things to Look at on the Front End of Negotiating an EHR Vendor Contract

Article Contributed by Christopher L. Richard, Gilpin Givhan, PC Backdrop Imagine you’re selling your practice . . . or leaving your practice . . . or retiring. You want to continue to have access to the patient records you’ve maintained through the practice over the years, and in fact, you have an obligation to do […]

Legislators: Just Apply Heat

Through years of medical school, residency and fellowships, physicians earn not only more knowledge and expertise than any other health professional, they also earn the right and responsibility of leading the health team.  It is through physician-led care that we ensure continued quality and safety for patients.  But each year, “scope creep” proposals seek to […]

New Maternal Mortality Statistics Highlight the Need for Alabama to Take Action

Largely due to the slow implementation of a standardized death certificate by states, data on maternal deaths has not been reported on the National Vital Statistics System since 2007. Meaning that, for over a decade, the United States has not recorded an official count of pregnancy-related fatalities, nor an official maternal mortality rate.  This year, […]