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Identifying The Proper Documentation For End of Life Care

By Angie C. Smith In the midst of this global pandemic, there have been stories about prioritizing patient care based on the patient’s ability to recover.  The stories are heartbreaking and highlight the need for people to have important discussions regarding advance care planning before they get sick and are unable to direct their own […]

Physicians’ Perspective: Dr. Lindsay Robbins & Funding the MMRC

The Alabama Maternal Mortality Committee completed its inaugural year, reviewing a full year’s worth of maternal deaths in the state of Alabama. During the review process of each maternal death, the committee ensures that the cause of death is recorded correctly, weighs in on whether or not the death was preventable, and makes recommendations to […]

Discussions with Decisionmakers: Rep. Laura Hall

1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself – Primary occupation? Interests? Hobbies? I am a native of South Carolina, though I’ve been in Alabama for 47 years now. My background is in education, with 25 years having been spent teaching science at J.O. Johnson High School. While I chose to stay in South […]

Funding the Maternal Mortality Review Committee: An Effort to #SaveALMoms

The Statistics According to the most recent statistics, Alabama’s 2018 maternal death rate of 36.4 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births means women in this state die from pregnancy and childbirth complications at more than double the rate of women nationally (17.4 deaths). The numbers also mask a glaring racial disparity: black women die at […]

Report: 34 Percent Decline in Opioid Prescribing since 2014

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Mark Jackson, Executive Director (334) 954-2500 CONTACT: Mallory Camerio, Director of Communications (334) 954-2580 Report: 34 Percent Decline in Opioid Prescribing since 2014 According to a new report released by the American Medical Association, Alabama physicians have reduced opioid prescribing by 34.4% since 2014, increased the use of state prescription drug […]

Statement from the Medical Association on Statewide Mask Requirement

The number of COVID-19 cases and deaths throughout the state have been increasing at a dangerous rate. We now have over 58,225 cases and approximately 1,183 deaths from COVID-19 in our state. With physicians on the front lines of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Medical Association of Alabama, the state’s largest professional organization of physicians, announced […]