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Legislation to Watch – Week Ending March 3, 2019


Physical Therapy Direct Access – HB50 & SB25

Under existing law, physical therapy may only be performed based on a referral from a licensed physician and others. HB 50 and SB 25 would eliminate the referral requirement entirely! Today, 47 state legislatures wisely maintain some type of limitations on the provision of physical therapy to prevent delaying appropriate medical care for patients and to prevent over-utilization, which could balloon Medicaid budgets and stick patients on commercial plans with expensive bills. By removing the referral requirement, patients will not receive a medical diagnosis, potentially receive unnecessary care, and ultimately be delayed in obtaining appropriate care. The Association opposes this legislation. Read HB50 & SB25

Elimination of Two-Line Prescription Law – HB33 & SB39

Under existing law, a written prescription issued in this state is required to have two signature lines, one designated “dispense as written” and one designated “product selection permitted” and an oral prescription requires the practitioner to specify whether a generic product may be dispensed.  HB 33 and SB 39 could create new hassles and expenses for physicians and drastically change the way prescriptions are issued and dispensed. The Association opposes these bills.  Read HB33 & SB39

Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact – HB44 & SB38

Under existing law, the Board of Nursing is responsible for the regulation of the practice of nursing in the state. This bill would allow the Board of Nursing to enter into the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact as a means of providing uniformity in licensing requirements and interstate practice throughout party states. This bill would also amend existing law to make technical corrections relating to the multistate licensure of nurses.  No scope expansions are included in the bill and the Association is neutral on the legislation.  Read HB44 & SB38

Other Legislation to Follow

Hospital Lien & Recovery for Services Rendered – HB11

Regulation of Microblading Facilities – HB26

Self-Administration of Epinephrine by Student (Kyle Grady Act) – HB32

Pharmacist & Physician Collaborative Practice Agreement – HB35

Advanced-Practice Nurse Loan Repayment Program – HB45 & SB37

Controlled Substance Distribution Criminal Law Amendment – HB47 & HB76

Electronic Prescription Generic Specification Requirement – HB69 & HB84

Controlled Substance Causes Death of Another (Elrod Act) – SB32

Opioid Boards Risk Education Program – SB48

Medical Laboratories Suspected Disease Submission – SB59

Pharmacy Benefit Managers Prescription Information Disclosure – SB73