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Meet Our New Officers

Aruna Arora, M.D. President-Elect Dr. Arora originally planned to follow her father into medicine as a pediatrician after watching him treat his patients and seeing his dedication to the children and their families. She, too, wanted to make a difference in the daily lives of people. But, when she was in medical school, her fascination […]

Centreville Physician Named President of the Medical Association

BIRMINGHAM – Long-time Centreville physician, John S. Meigs Jr., M.D., was named president of the Medical Association of the State of Alabama during the Association’s Annual Meeting and Business Session last week. Dr. Meigs also serves on the board for the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners. “The Association welcomes Dr. Meigs’ continued service on the […]

Four Medical Students Receive Scholarships during 2019 Annual Meeting

BIRMINGHAM – This year four medical students received scholarship awards totaling up to $8,000 during the 2019 Annual Meeting of the Medical Foundation of Alabama. The AMASA Medical Student Scholarship Fund was established in 2012 by the Alliance to the Medical Association of the State of Alabama in partnership with the Medical Foundation of Alabama […]

Underwood Minority Scholarship Award Announced

MONTGOMERY — The Underwood Minority Scholarship Award was officially announced during the Association’s 2019 Annual Meeting and Business Session. Named for long-time Montgomery physician and the Medical Association’s 152nd President Jefferson Underwood III, M.D., the Underwood Minority Scholarship Award is for African-American individuals underrepresented in Alabama’s medical schools and the state’s physician workforce. Dr. Underwood […]

STUDY: Opioid Epidemic May Have Cost U.S. Governments $37.8 Billion in Tax Revenue

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — The opioid epidemic may have cost U.S. state and federal governments up to $37.8 billion in lost tax revenue due to opioid-related employment loss, according to Penn State researchers. Additionally, the researchers found that Pennsylvania was one of the states with the most lost revenue, with approximately $638.2 million lost to […]

The Painful Reality of Ransomware and How to Protect Against It

Imagine if in a split second you were unable to access all of your patients’ health care records. A cruel ransomware attack had locked you out of your computer system, and in order to regain your precious data you needed to pay a cybercriminal’s demand in bitcoin. Unfortunately by the time you finish reading this […]